Want To Be A Philanthropist Like Warren Buffet? Consider Taking this MOOC

Heads up to all budding philanthropists (and anyone who wants to  do good in general): Giving With Purpose, the massive open online course (MOOC) on how to be a better philanthropist, is now open for registration again.

The MOOC is an initiative of the Learning by Giving Foundation, an organization started by Doris Buffet, sister to Warren Buffet. The six week course is designed to teach people effective charitable giving practices and features a roster of notable guest speakers, including Warren Buffet, Soledad O’Brien, Cal Ripken Jr., and Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s). This is the second time the MOOC is being offered (although brick-and-mortar versions of the class have existed since 2003). At the end of the inaugural class, students were able to grant $130,000 to 40 different nonprofits across the U.S. as part of the learning process.

I’ll likely follow the class and re-cap what I learn along the way. Want to join me? Classes are set to start in March.



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