Corporate Giving Around the World

Paul Downey

Companies are expanding their presence and offerings around the world. In time, they must also expand their corporate giving programs to follow in their business footprint. We know how challenging it is to work in different markets and to deploy social investments for positive impact. Local needs and regional differences, along with complex legal gifting vehicles can be difficult to navigate.

Do you know which volunteer structure works in China? Do employees take advantage of matching gift programs? What issues should we focus on and how involved do the local employees want to be with these decisions? These are some of the questions, Giving Around the Globe, published by CECP attempts to answer.

In highlighting the practices of companies around the world and their giving programs, the report offers a general look at how companies can tailor their corporate giving programs in particular regions. Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America are highlighted with examples and regional trends.

In Asia, 71% of Asian companies offer pro bono service and 59% offer company time off to volunteer. 69% of companies offer a corporate match to employee’s personal donations. These numbers are impressive and it seems Asian companies are fairly engaged with employees.

33% of Asian companies reported having a foundation.  15% of their total giving is from foundation cash, 74% from direct cash and 11% from non-cash. Not surprisingly, environment and/or sustainability-related topics are of the most interest to Asian companies.

In the region, the implementation of the 2% CSR law in India has increased expenditure on CSR activities but whether the new funds reach the areas that is needed most is still up for debate.

Do these trends reflect what you are seeing in Asia? Do you think companies are now expected to offer these opportunities if they are to attract talent and build goodwill in the community?

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