AVPN Investment Showcase: RunOurCity & iHealth

Photo RunOurCity
Photo RunOurCity


The AVPN Investment Showcase at the upcoming AVPN conference features successful organizations that are supported by members. Members can sponsor organizations to be featured in a “pitch” session during the conference. Since 80% of the conference attendees are funders and resource providers, the featured organizations are getting some great exposure. This year, two of those lucky sponsored organizations include RunOurCity and iHealth.

RunOurCity believes running can transform lives.

RunOurCity organizes STREETATHONS, TOTEM Runs and other themed running events to nurture a fun and compassionate running culture in Hong Kong. Since 2013, the Youth.ROC has provided free and professional running programs to inspire and challenge teenagers to systematically train for distance running and achieve their goals while improving health and developing a “can-do” attitude. The trainings have also helped the teenagers expand their social circle and understand more about their communities through street-running.

RunOurCity has trained over 3,000 teenagers, including those who come from under-privileged backgrounds and ethnic minority communities. The organization was founded by three successful individuals who love running, creating social impact and the “embrace the work-hard-play-hard attitude.”


Photo iHealth
Photo iHealth Express


iHealth is creating a decentralized healthcare service system to eliminate health inequity.

In Taiwan, there are 8 million chronic disease patients, accounting for one-third of the population. Although there are 25 medical centers across Taiwan, 80% of them are within the three big cities. For the chronically-ill and the elderly and disabled who live in remote areas, getting access to medical supplies is an issue.

iHealth Express offers a mobile medical system to eliminate inequality in healthcare delivery across Taiwan. Patients can send their prescription to a central location via phone, fax, email, mobile apps or online and professional pharmacists deliver the medicine to a designated location for the patients. iHealth Express has a core team of 15 doctors and pharmacists and contracts with 450 nursing organizations in Taiwan. Each month, iHealth Express dispenses more than 10,000 prescriptions and serves over 20,000 patients and 500 nursing homes.

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