AVPN: How Has Social Investing Impacted Asia?

AVPN2016OnlineBannerAfter 3 years of success in Singapore, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network’s (AVPN) annual conference will be moving to Hong Kong under the auspices of the Hong Kong Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund. Every year, the event convenes the region’s leading social investors from both the commercial sector, which includes investors interested in sustainability and social impact, and the social sector, with funders from foundations and multilateral agencies. 2016’s conference promises to be bigger than before, with the latest insights, more representation from the growing 240+ member organizations, and more deals and partnerships to be made.

The conference will run from May 23-25, 2016, and focus on issues surrounding poverty alleviation and social innovation, deploying principles of strategic social investing that will be applicable across different countries. The Investment Showcase, one of the main features of the conference, will allow members to showcase their successful projects and social organizations. This year will feature 30 organizations, up from 20 last year, and the sessions will be themed around popular social issues like Education, Livelihoods, Environment, Aging/Healthcare and Social Inclusion. The ratio is still kept low so that we will see them addressing about 500 delegates, who will all be potential funders, partners and investors. In the past 2 years, 25% of participants confirmed that they secured follow-up funding and partnerships from the conference.

The three-day event starts with a members’ day of sharing on updates and insights on India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and our host – Hong Kong. The key players from each country/region, including government agencies, will share on the respective social investing landscape.

Asian Philanthropy Forum will be covering the event so stay tune for more!

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