What to Expect at This Year’s AVPN Conference on Social Investing


Image: AVPN
The 2014 AVPN annual conference on social investing kicks off this week on Wednesday.


As we announced earlier this year, Asian Philanthropy Forum will be on hand, live tweeting, blogging, and curating content for this year’s conference – just as we did last year.  (Feel free to come up to Asian Philanthropy Forum representatives for a chat!)

So what can we expect from this gathering of hundreds of people, representing the whole spectrum of social impact organizations, from social enterprises to impact investors? Well, the first thing you can look forward to is an emphasis on practicality. This year’s conference theme is about what’s worked in social investing, so rather than high level theoretical discussions, expect candid thoughts on turning ideas into action, learning from failure, and what needs to happen next for social investing in Asia to take off.

The conference is also designed around the three pillars that drive venture philanthropy: financial capital, human capital, and intellectual capital. Over 70 speakers are slated to speak (see the full list here), and there will be a special third day that features even deeper dives into select topics.

New to the conference this year is also the investment showcase, where social enterprises will actually be given a chance to pitch to potential funders and mentors. The social enterprises featured this year include:

  • Conjuct Consulting, which focuses on capacity building in the social sector
  • Kolkata Sanved, a unique organization that uses dance movement therapy to help victims of sexual abuse
  • ENGAGE, a volunteer connection platform
  • Ecosoftt, which helps people manage their water use and reduce their waste
  • Playeum, an experiential learning platform targeting students from kindergarten grade to high school
  • Thriive, a microfinance organization helping small business entrepreneurs in Vietnam through a pay-it-forward model
  • Empact – a volunteer and pro-bono organization
  • Magic Bus – one of Asia’s largest mentoring organizations

There will be a great mix of attendees, dishing out real-life examples in social impact. Be sure to check back at Asian Philanthropy Forum for updates throughout the conference. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (#avpn2014) and like both Asian Philanthropy Forum and Asian Venture Philanthropy Network on Facebook to stay current!

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