AVPN 2016 – Reaching Out to Hong Kong…And Beyond!

Asian Philanthropy Forum is pleased to provide media coverage for the upcoming AVPN conference. Victor Kuo reflects on the past years of the AVPN conference and how the market and community has progressed.

Hong Kong here we come! For the first time, AVPN will be hosting Asia, and the world, in Hong Kong for its fourth annual conference. While Singapore has its charms, I’m excited to be seeing industry leaders, colleagues, and old friends in HK – the Gateway to China!

I’ve had the fortune and distinct privilege to attend AVPN’s inaugural meeting in Singapore in 2013 as well as its second conference in 2014. Looking back, I’m amused at some of the “predictions” I made about the future of philanthropy in Asia. That said, would you believe one of those may have come true?

At the conclusion of AVPN 2013, I imagined that a future headline would read “Multi-million dollar grants bolster Asian philanthropy knowledge network.” In late 2015, a global philanthropy institute was established in Shenzhen, China funded by the likes of Jack Ma, Bill Gates, and a number of other Chinese philanthropists! As one news outlet characterized it, it is “China’s first international philanthropy academy.” Imagine that! By the way, never mind the other predictions that did not pan out!

Philanthropy in Asia continues to be a vibrant scene, and I am anticipating much needed updates and vibrant conversations from the stellar program.  Conference highlights include current thinking on social innovation and sustainability, multi-sector collaboration, capacity building, and next generation venture philanthropy. Perhaps this year’s themes indicate an evolution and further development from prior years (“opportunity” and “eco-system development”). Representatives from East and West will converge in Hong Kong for what will undoubtedly be an eclectic and forward-looking set of conversations!

Congratulations, in advance, to AVPN and its staff for the work already done and for this inaugural and pioneering step towards fulfilling a pan-Asian presence. Over the coming days, AVPN and its partners will be taking deeper dives into new and enduring themes of interest to the philanthropic community. I look forward to additional insights on philanthropy in Asia at AVPN next week! See you there!

Kuo-0612bVictor Kuo, Ph.D., is founder of VK Global Advising and provides strategic planning, research, and evaluation services to private foundations. He is a long-time AVPN contributor and Asian Philanthropy Forum writer.

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