Asian Philanthropy News Digest 08/24/2011

* In India, charity begins – and stays at home. An opinion piece suggesting that deep insecurity may be one of the reasons why the rich do not give to charity.

* Sri Lanka Revises NGO Tax Rule. NGOs are now eligible for tax remissions. They no longer have to be taxed on their “profits,” which “the regulation defined as 3% of the money received as grants and other forms of contributions.”

* Global Fund Lifts China Grant Freeze. Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria froze disbursements of its AIDS grant to China due to suspected misuse of the funds. $283 million of the AIDS grant was frozen in November.

* Singapore tops in philanthropy. UBS and INSEAD released a study that found that philanthropic groups in Singapore has the highlest proportion of international donors. Singapore also has the highest percentage of family philanthropies that rely on professionals to manage their philanthropy (74%).