Giving USA 2017: Charitable Contributions Continue to Increase

Giving by individuals, foundations and corporations continue to increase according to a new report released by Giving USA Foundation and Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

AVPN Conference 2017 in Thailand

The 2017 AVPN Conference will be in Thailand on June 7-9th. Will you be there?

Corporate Giving Around the World

Companies are expanding their presence around the world and in time, they must also expand their corporate giving programs. “Giving Around the Globe,” a new report by CECP examines how global companies give.

Racial Discrimination and Implicit Bias

Discussions about racial profiling and other discriminatory practices usually focus on explicit bias—that is, discriminatory beliefs and practices that a person, society, or government intentionally and consciously supports. However, implicit bias is as powerful, if not a more powerful, factor behind discriminatory policies and practices that lead to unjust outcomes.

The Disconnect Between Silicon Valley Nonprofits and Philanthropists

“Giving Code: Silicon Valley Nonprofits and Philanthropy” examines the current status of nonprofits and trends of philanthropists in the area. The report documents the growing disconnect between local needs and how local donors are approaching their giving.

What Do Travel Advisors and Social Impact Have in Common?

The Good Travels Advisor program trains travel advisors in responsible travel, giving and volunteering. Research has shown that giving back matters to travelers and travel advisors have a chance to support their meaningful experiences, giving and learning through especially powerful travel experiences, which in turn supports the travel advisor’s business as well as travel destinations.

Bill Somerville: Simple Can Be Significant

Bill Somerville’s career as a maverick grantmaker spans 50 years in the nonprofit sector. At this talk TEDx event, Bill shows us how philanthropic efforts can be nimble, responsive, and imaginative.

AVPN Investment Showcase: RunOurCity & iHealth

The AVPN Investment Showcase at the upcoming AVPN conference features successful organizations that are supported by members. Members can sponsor organizations to be featured in a “pitch” session during the conference. This year, sponsored organizations include RunOurCity and iHealth.

Philanthropy for Better Cities, Hong Kong, Sept 22-23, 2016

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust is convening a philanthropy forum in Hong Kong during September 22-23, 2016. “Philanthropy for Better Cities” attempts “to build a community of like-minded stakeholders to share ideas on how philanthropy can help towards building better cities.”

What’s Next for China’s Economy?

The end of the Chinese migrant miracle is near. The road ahead looks painful for China and for the world. But it could also be the beginning of the Chinese economic transformation of the future, one that will benefit China, and the world, in bigger and better ways than we have seen thus far.

AVPN: How Has Social Investing Impacted Asia?

The 2016 Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) conference, How Has Social Investing Impacted Asia? will be in Hong Kong. Asian Philanthropy Forum will be covering the event. May 23-25, 2016.

Fair and Equitable Compensation in Nonprofit Work

Fair and equitable compensation in the nonprofit sector is required if we are to retain and recruit the best talent to tackle social issues. The Chinese American Community Foundation’s survey on executive compensation in the U.S. paints a different story. What about the situation in Asia?

Largest Donors to Harvard No Longer Chinese

Last fall, the Morningside Foundation, which is supported by Gerald Chan and his brother Ronnie Chan, made a $350 million gift to Harvard University. It was the largest single donation in Harvard’s history at the time. But not anymore.

A Deeper Look at Online Gambling Trends

A new online survey compares international gambling trends, advocacy, and marketing tools. Overall online gambling for has been on an incredible rise, the development of mobile devices and the widely accessible internet made betting and gambling widely popular among the population. Some companies have entered the market to provide full awareness and knowledge dedicated to responsible and conscious betting, for example nowadays if you like tennis you can find everyday predictions for upcoming matches. However, you should understand that those are not guaranteed success, as it is obviously not possible to predict all outcomes in a sporting event.

Nepal Disaster and Recovery Efforts: Long Road Ahead

The global outpouring of support for Nepal’s earthquake victims has been generous and welcome. However, donors should treat their contributions as they would other investments, and carefully consider the organization receiving their gift.

Asia-Pacific Family Offices and Philanthropy

Report finds family beneficiaries are more likely to be involved in Asia-Pacific offices, not only in investment planning, but notably in their engagement with philanthropy, often taking strategic roles.

Going to the AVPN Conference 2015?

The AVPN Conference 2015 will promote shared learning, best practices and active networking across diverse sectors to build a vibrant and high impact venture philanthropy community in Asia.

China Philanthropy Summit

On Oct 31 and Nov 1, 2014, the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University will host a two day summit on philanthropy in China. The conference culminates the school’s three year Initiative on Philanthropy in China.


AVPN 2014: Forging Ahead To 2015

The end of the 2014 AVPN conference brought with it the announcement of a new Knowledge Center, which has the potential to spread practical tips in the growing Asian philanthropic space.

Upcoming Philanthropy in Asia Summit

The Philanthropy in Asia Summit in Singapore this year seeks to mobilize the new wave of Asian philanthropic leadership. Will you join us at the event?

A Guide to Social Enterprises in Asia

Social enterprises are a growing phenomenon in Asia. This guide will help you understand what they are, how they function, and how they contribute to social and environmental change in Asia.

Let’s Talk About Giving Circles in Asia

The findings of a new study that looked at 35 giving circles across 8 Asian countries will be discussed on May 16 in Singapore. What does the future bode for this grassroots style of giving? Come join the discussion!

How to Stage a Medical Intervention in a War-Torn Country

It takes a lot of grit and compassion to want to stage a medical intervention in a war-torn country like Myanmar. Community Partners International has been doing it for nearly two decades. Here are a few things they’ve learned along the way.

What’s Next for Women’s Health?

The focus on reproductive health may not be enough. We need to re-tailor the plan to improve women’s health based on changing demographics and epidemiological pressure points.

IDEX Gets at the Root of Violence Against Women

Continuing our Women’s History Month features, we talk to IDEX, a nonprofit that works globally to end violence against women. The key is to focus on both the causes and manifestations of violence, while remembering that healing must follow.

How Chinese Americans Give

Two new studies provide details into how Chinese Americans give and how to better engage Chinese American philanthropists.

Where the Women Go To Learn Their Letters and Become Leaders

READ Global is doing amazing work educating and empowering women in South Asia — and they’ve got the numbers to prove it. 2 out of 3 women with READ Centers in their communities have increased decision making power in their homes. Learn more about how the ‘READ effect’ works.

The Cruel Economics of Human Trafficking in India

Human trafficking is foremost a moral issue, but its continued existence is also disturbingly supported by market forces. This report from the Indian strategic philanthropy foundation Dasra examines the supply and demand sides of human sex trafficking in India.

International Giving Rebounds after Recession-Year Declines

In the U.S., giving to international affaires organizations in 2013 was strong. In fact, international affaires organizations showed the most fundraising raising growth compared to organizations in other sectors. Did diaspora philanthropy have something to do with it?

How to Build Momentum for Impact Investing

What’s keeping impact investing from being embraced by institutional investors? Is it investor perception, a lack of investment opportunities, or a lack of funding? In the last part of our interview with Asia Community Ventures co-founder Ming Wong, we take a look at what’s holding impact investing back and how to get beyond those barriers.

Rethinking Routine Corporate Contributions

Instead of putting your corporate contributions to nonprofits on autopilot, maybe it’s time to rethink what you’re trying to do and why. Here are 5 questions you should consider asking at your next budget planning meeting.

How To Donate Without Giving Money

Companies may want to do good, but it’s just not possible for them to fill the thousands of grants requests they receive each year. Leith Robotham discusses how companies can donate without giving money.

5 Ways Tech Is Changing Philanthropy

Tech is changing philanthropy. There’s no doubt about that. But how exactly? That was the subject at a recent event hosted by KQED Public Radio, APM Marketplace, and the San Francisco Foundation.